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Protecting Your Restaurant with Comprehensive Insurance

Running a restaurant in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Maricopa County, AZ can be incredibly rewarding, but it also comes with its fair share of risks. From slips and falls to equipment breakdowns, there are many potential pitfalls that could derail your business if you're not properly prepared. That's where Scottsdale & Phoenix Restaurant Insurance comes in. We offer a range of insurance options designed specifically for restaurants, so you can focus on serving great food without worrying about what might go wrong.

Key Types of Restaurant Insurance

General Liability Insurance: Protects your restaurant from claims of bodily injury and property damage.

Property Insurance: Covers damage to your restaurant's building and contents from fire, theft, or other disasters.

Workers Compensation: Provides coverage for employees' medical expenses and lost wages if they are injured on the job.

Business Interruption Insurance: Helps cover lost income and expenses if your restaurant is forced to close due to a covered event.

Product Liability Insurance: Protects your restaurant from claims related to foodborne illnesses or other product-related issues.

Cyber Insurance: Helps cover costs associated with a data breach, such as notifying customers and providing credit monitoring services.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance: Protects your restaurant from claims related to employment practices, such as wrongful termination or discrimination.

Liquor Liability Insurance: Provides coverage if a customer becomes intoxicated at your restaurant and causes harm to themselves or others.

Commercial Auto Insurance: Covers vehicles owned or used by your restaurant for business purposes.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance: Helps cover the cost of repairing or replacing broken equipment, such as ovens or refrigerators.

Typical Claims Covered by Restaurant Insurance

Restaurant insurance can help protect your business from a wide range of potential claims. Some of the most common claims covered by restaurant insurance include:

Claim Type Description
Slip and Fall A customer slips on a wet floor and injures themselves.
Food Contamination A customer gets sick from eating contaminated food.
Equipment Breakdown Your restaurant's oven breaks down, causing a loss of business.
Fire Damage Your restaurant catches fire, damaging the building and equipment.
Theft Someone breaks into your restaurant and steals cash or equipment.

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